Architextures for Manufacturers

Make it easy to design and specify your products with CAD, BIM and visualisation tools

Create CAD+BIM resources from photos in seconds

Many formats, textures, hatches, 3D and more

Publish resources and reach up to 300,000 designers

Drive traffic to your site with product links

Receive queries directly from specifiers

Create custom web apps showcasing product options

View analytics for views, downloads and referrals

Display product data

A powerful texture editor

At the core of Architextures is our editor which saves designers from hours of time tediously editing images and frees them to focus on design. The editor produces textures, image files that can be tiled repeatedly across a surface and are crucial for representing materials on construction drawings and 3D models. With Architextures, it's easy to quickly test various arrangements of a material and preview them on a design instantly with integrations for SketchUp and Revit.

Custom web apps

Stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to your site by creating your own branded web app. Work with us to tailor the experience to suit your individual products and brand identity. Easily embed the web app on your website using an iframe.

Digital material library

More than 200,000 designers use our library of textures every month to find materials and download them for construction drawings and 3D models. With Architextures, you can publish the resources you created to our library, introducing your products to new customers and making it easy for designers to design and specify.

CAD, BIM and PBR resources in seconds

Creating quality resources no longer requires hours of manual labor. Generate endless configurations of patterns, dimensions and colours from a single product photo, then download the result in a wide range of formats to suit various workflows:

  • Seamless texture
  • Hatch (.pat)
  • Normal map
  • Displacement map
  • Roughness map
  • Metalness map
  • Revit Material (Via add-in)
  • SketchUp Material (Via extension)