Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains how we record and use data when users interact with pages on the Architextures website.

Payments and Billing

Architextures uses Stripe, a global payments processor to handle all card payments including recurring subscriptions on the website. When clicking the payment link you are redirected to Stripe’s server to enter your billing information. Once the initial payment is completed a notification is sent to our server and the date, Stripe customer ID, amount and currency of the payment are stored in our database and associated with your account. Card details are not stored on Architextures servers at any time.

User Accounts

When you create an account the information you enter on the registration form is entered into our database. The only individuals with access to this information are our site administrators. Your user account information will never be shared with third parties. The password you enter is immediately hashed and stored in the database. Passwords are never stored in plain text.

In addition to the to the information entered on the registration form, the creation date of the account is recorded and a unique user ID is created and stored in the database. While you are logged in, any downloads you make are associated with your user ID.

User Interface and Website Settings

Architextures allows users to change website settings such as units or user interface elements such as image border styles. For the convenience of our users the value for these settings is stored in a cookie so that on returning to the website your preferred settings are automatically applied without the need to set them manually at the beginning of every session.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to record data about visits to our website. By default Google Analytics records information such as which pages are visited and how long users spend on each page. Your IP address is used to determine an approximate location at the city scale however IP addresses are not visible to us in our reports.

In addition to default Google Analytics data, we use custom events to record when buttons are used for example when a filter is applied or settings are changed on the Create web app. This allows us to review which settings are most useful with the ultimate goal of improving the website.

Data from your Architextures user account is not passed to Google Analytics. This means that the Google Analytics data described above is anonymous and not linked to the email address or name associated with your Architextures account.