Zoom and Pan when uploading images (18/04/2024)

When uploading an image in any of our image modals, users can now pan and zoom using the mouse or a track pad. When selecting an area, hold down the Alt (Option on MacOS) key and click and drag the mouse/track pad to pan the image. Releasing the Alt/Option key will bring you back to selection mode.

Collections! (26/03/2024)

We have introduced Collections for our Pro users. You can create new Collections and manage your textures in a more tidy manner. Users who have expired Pro accounts will be able to access their Collections but would not be able to modify or manage them.

Collapsible material categories (15/03/2024)

  • Toggles added to the material menu so that they can be collapsed. Closed/open state is stored in a cookie so that preferences are saved for subsequent sessions.


Yearly subscription option added (06/09/2020)

Pro subscriptions are now available for a one year period.

Save option added (06/09/2020)

Pro users can now save textures to textures to their account.

Ability to share textures added (24/08/2020)

A unique link to the specific texture you've created can now be generated by using the share button in the top right hand corner of the window.

Hatches and bump maps added (10/06/2020)

Options to create and download AutoCAD and Revit hatches, and bump maps added to the site.