Saving Textures to Collections

Our new Collections feature allows users to save textures to individual collections.

Saving Preset Textures

The preset textures found on our homepage can be saved to collections by clicking Save .

This will automatically save the texture to the admin page and display a dropdown menu with any existing collections and the Add Collection option to create a new collection.

The icon will direct you to the collection admin page.

Saving from the Editor

Textures can also be saved to collections from the editor.

By clicking from the top of the editor panel, a dropdown menu will appear with the option to Save & Add to Collections. You will see any existing collections displayed here as well as the option to Add Collection.

The arrow will direct you to the collection in the admin page.

Editing Collections

Within the admin page, collections can be renamed, rearranged, and deleted as needed. New collections can also be created here.

Clicking on a individual collection will direct you to the saved textures. Within this page you can rename and rearrange the textures. Textures can be moved to other collections by ticking the collection box, while unticking will remove the texture from the collection.

Try it out!