A seamless tile texture with pinstripe tile tiles arranged in a Stretcher pattern

Metro Tile, Stretcher

48.4 in

A seamless tile texture with pinstripe tile arranged in a stretcher pattern. The image represents a physical area of 1230 x 1049 mm (48.4 x 41.3 inches) in total, with each individual tile measuring approximately 200 x 100 mm. The joints are filled with mortar and are 5 mm (0.2 inches) in width.

A fine concrete, neutral, grey-white porcelain tile with a rough, strongly linear grain creating a pinstripe look due to the shadows in the troughs of the grooves, commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and other high footfall, frequently wet areas of domestic and commercial environments. The rough, fine concrete-like aggregate grain is ideal for wet spaces to increase grip and slip resistance. The pinstripe effect can be achieved with a grain in the mould within which it is fired, or scraping the exposed surface by hand before firing, blending neutrally in tone and texture with a variety of colours, materials and textures on neighbouring surfaces. Porcelain tiles are composed of finely ground sand, feldspar and specific clays and are renowned for their ability to resist water ingress due to their higher density in comparison with ceramic and other forms of tiles, which helps with their ability to repel liquids to prevent staining, scrapes and marks while being low maintenance after installation. They are also sought after for their durability against high volumes of foot traffic due to their higher firing temperature during manufacture, and their high resistance to moisture allows them to be specified indoors and outdoor use for flooring and, depending on weight, for wall cladding. Their hardwearing nature means they can be used in commercial settings, while their human scale, beautiful tones and patterns, as well as the ability of modern manufacturing techniques to closely mimic real stone and marble, make them a more cost effective yet highly decorative and aesthetically pleasing option for domestic scenarios. Their moisture and fire-resisting durable nature, combined with the unique, hand-crafted manufacturing process, also allows these tiles to be specified as splashbacks, fireplace surrounds or in decorative pools and landscaped elements. The rough, fine concrete-like aggregate grain is ideal for wet spaces to increase grip and slip resistance, while their refined, neutral character enables them to compliment a range of natural materials, or provide a haptic, cool, human touch in contrast to synthetic materials.

This texture uses a running pattern also known as a stretcher bond. The stretcher bond is one of the most common bonds used in masonry construction and uses stretchers, bricks laid flat with their long edge parallel to the wall. Each alternating course is offset by a half stretcher.

This image is seamless, meaning it can be tiled repeatedly for use in architectural drawings and 3D models. It can be used as a SketchUp texture, Revit material or imported into Photoshop for use in 2D illustrations. You can download a high resolution version of this texture and a matching bump map or CAD hatch (compatible with AutoCAD and Revit) using Architextures Create with a Pro Subscription.