A seamless metal texture with perforated metal acoustic panel sheets arranged in a Stretcher pattern

Perforated Metal Acoustic Panel Stretcher

47.6 in

A seamless metal texture with perforated metal acoustic panel arranged in a stretcher pattern. The image represents a physical area of 1208 x 806 mm (47.6 x 31.7 inches) in total, with each individual sheet measuring approximately 600 x 400 mm. The joints are filled with coarse cement mortar and are 4 mm (0.2 inches) in width.

The perforated metal acoustic panel helps absorb sound, prevent unwanted acoustic reflections and limit reverberations, with the ability to be installed as both wall and ceiling panelling, or as individual sheets or planks to be installed on a variety of surfaces including doors. Acting as a Helmholtz Absorber, an air filled cavity behind the perforated surface acts as a resonator, while a layer of dense fabric or other such porous absorbent behind this absorbs; ‘trapping’ and dampening sound waves to reduce acoustic transmission. Mid density perforations such as this are typically suited to medium volume and capacity spaces, due to a medium size and density of perforation opening size and location.

This texture uses a running pattern also known as a stretcher bond. The stretcher bond is one of the most common bonds used in masonry construction and uses stretchers, bricks laid flat with their long edge parallel to the wall. Each alternating course is offset by a half stretcher.

This image is seamless, meaning it can be tiled repeatedly for use in architectural drawings and 3D models. It can be used as a SketchUp texture, Revit material or imported into Photoshop for use in 2D illustrations. You can download a high resolution version of this texture and a matching bump map or CAD hatch (compatible with AutoCAD and Revit) using Architextures Create with a Pro Subscription.