A seamless wallpaper texture with granite wallpaper in dusk units arranged in a Staggered pattern

Granite Wallpaper in Dusk

122.6 in
Granite Wallpaper in Dusk from the Trompe L’œil collection. Designs mimic materials and geometric forms found in mid- century buildings and interiors. A contemporary approach to the the art of Trompe L’œil, natural textures such as wood and stone combine with archways and angular lines to bring materiality into your interior in a subtle yet sophisticated manner. Nature and architecture combine to create a balancing sense of calm and tactility in the interior. Mid-century inspired forms are stacked and aligned to create a mural like surface. Harmonious muted colours combine with granite textures to instill a tranquil blend of nature and the urban environment. Granite is a versatile, tonal design that can enhance any space.

This image is a seamless wallpaper texture with granite wallpaper in dusk arranged in a staggered pattern. Seamless textures can be tiled repeatedly across a surface without visible seams making them useful for architectural drawings and 3D models. This image can be used as a SketchUp texture, Revit material or imported into Photoshop for use in 2D illustrations. A high resolution version of this texture is available, as well as CAD hatches and PBR maps with Architextures Pro.