A seamless wood texture with wood veneer boards arranged in a None pattern

Wood Veneer

47.2 in
A deep tone, dark grain, crown cut, stained timber veneer with distinctive swirl grain pattern, suitable for furniture, panelling, cupboards, doors and flooring. This veneer is comprised of real thin-sawn, cut or peeled strips from the origin tree’s trunk which, when layered together over a backing board such as particleboard or MDF, form highly unique patterns. Traditionally, veneer was more expensive than standard sawn timber as it required a high level of skill to cut and layer fine strips of the timber. Modern manufacturing techniques are able to replicate these techniques and reproduce patterns quickly and economically. Due to the nature of the different cuts of timber, it was previously impossible to have the same pattern repeated on each sheet of veneer. With contemporary processes, the unique patterns can be replicated manually, or digitally scanned and etched into synthetic panels, allowing patterns to be repeated consistently across surfaces on veneer effect panels. The more effective modern production methods have significantly reduced the cost of veneer timber, although real-sawn timber veneers are still relatively expensive due to the time intensive nature of cutting and layering individual strips. This particular veneer texture has a traditional, vintage appearance, created by the dark stained grain, burnt orange colour and oily, glossy finish; suggestive of several layers of varnish applied over a long period.

This image is a seamless wood texture with a wood veneer surface. Seamless textures can be tiled repeatedly across a surface without visible seams making them useful for architectural drawings and 3D models. This image can be used as a SketchUp texture, Revit material or imported into Photoshop for use in 2D illustrations. A high resolution version of this texture is available, as well as CAD hatches and PBR maps with Architextures Pro.