A seamless tile texture with jongh tile tiles arranged in a Stack pattern

Jongh Tile, Stack

37.8 in
Glazed tiles are a type of ceramic tile that has been coated with a layer of glass-like glaze during the manufacturing process. The glaze is applied to the surface of the tile and then fired at high temperatures, fusing the glaze to the tile and creating a smooth, glossy finish. Glazed tiles are primarily composed of clay, silica, and other minerals. The clay provides the base material, while silica and other minerals are added to enhance the strength, durability, and aesthetic properties of the tile. The glaze is typically made of a mixture of minerals and pigments that melt and fuse with the tile surface during the firing process. Glazed tiles are commonly used for both residential and commercial applications, including bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes.

This image is a seamless tile texture with jongh tile arranged in a stack pattern. Seamless textures can be tiled repeatedly across a surface without visible seams making them useful for architectural drawings and 3D models. This image can be used as a SketchUp texture, Revit material or imported into Photoshop for use in 2D illustrations. A high resolution version of this texture is available, as well as CAD hatches and PBR maps with Architextures Pro.